The lands that would eventually be Sweetwater are noted in a grant of reservation to Issac Vann in “Sweet Water” dated July 10, 1817, from the Cherokee Agency of the Office of Indian Affairs. Development continued along the Sweetwater Creek, spurred on by the coming of the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad. By 1852, lots were being sold by I.T. Lenoir for the Town of Sweetwater. An election was held in 1875 to incorporate the present-day City of Sweetwater. The first Mayor was J.W. Clark.

My vision for Sweetwater is to create the right balance to retain the unique character of our city and encourage growth that will allow our citizens a fair tax structure, steady employment opportunities and availability of retail opportunities to spend their resources locally.

I’m sure many cities hope for the same thing. I think the difference in Sweetwater isthepeopleandtheleadership. The past few years, Sweetwater has received numerous recognitions, and it appears that our hard work is really paying off. We have been named a Playful City USA by Kaboom!; a Tree City USA for more than a decade, and received more than $2 million in grant funding for capital projects in the past two years; created an Adventure Tourism district to provide tax incentives to new businesses, and have been designated a National Main Street Community. Our Sweetwater City School System is one of few “exemplary systems” in the state of Tennessee. Our sports complex is the best in the area, hosting state tournaments frequently.

Arguably, Sweetwater’s best asset is her location-the midpoint between Ohio and Florida on a highly-traveled interstate 75. For a more local perspective, we are the midpoint on the corridor between Knoxville and Chattanooga. Sweetwater’s city limits include two interstate exits leading into two state highways (68 and 322), a federal highway (11), and a lengthy Norfolk Southern railroad line through town. Transportation and traffic is alive and healthy in Sweetwater.

Sweetwater boasts a staff of highly qualifed and trained individuals dedicated to seeing the town prosper. Our community support is strong and our open government encourages citizen participation and input.

Sweetwater’s low costs of living and tax base and strong family and community ties make it attractive to new retail vendors, industrial developments and residents. Our ne school system, robust health care industry, and prime location make Sweetwater a desirable place to do business. We are always looking for the right entrepreneurs. We are so proud of our history and excited about our future. It is my hope that this book will lead you to the conclusion that Sweetwater is the right place for you!


Mayor Doyle Lowe